Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of strategic stake-holders and financial supporters, representing the local Hungarian Jewish community and dedicated to the creation of a thriving Jewish life in Budapest with the JCC at its center.  The Board of Directors helps to guide the vision, mission and goals of the JCC, in close consultation with the professional staff, the Advisory Committee and the Steering Committee.  

The Board will meet two times each year and will discuss and approve the following: 

  • Long term strategy, including program and fundraising goals
  • Annual work plan and budget 
  • Appointing the Executive Director of the JCC
  • Approval of yearly report on activities and financials

Role of the Board of Directors

Peter Barta is the founder and CEO of Webstation, a software and web development company and is also an art collector. He is an innovative thinker, and highly creative.
Gabriella Benisch is a lawyer and a managing partner in a Hungarian law firm. She is a member of the Parents Committee of the Lauder Javne School where her daughters attend high school.
Peter Selmeci is Director of Strategy & Operations Consulting at Price Waterhouse Cooper and is also a start-up mentor. He has three sons and is passionate for them to have many great opportunities to experience their Jewish heritage.
Cathi Luski is co-chair of the Friends of JCC Budapest and is a passionate supporter of the JCC’s work to ensure that Jewish culture and community continue to thrive in Hungary. As a JDC Society Fellow, Cathi is interested in Jewish issues across Europe, Israel, and Cuba.
Rabbi Zoltán Radnóti is the Chief Rabbi of the Lágymányos District Synagogue. For years he has served as President of the Council of Rabbis. He is a representative of the Budapest Jewish Community (BZSH).​
Emese Danks is a communications and marketing expert. She held many professional roles including spokesperson of Tesco, and the Hungarian government. She served as CEO of UNICEF Hungary and was also the Development Director at JCC Budapest. ​
József Horváth, also known as Jocó, is an engineer and is the Vice President of the Federation of the Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ) and also serves as the president of the Lágymányos District synagogue.​

Role of the Advisory Committee​

Members of the Advisory Committee are valued partners who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the JCC and its strategic planning process.  Members contribute their expertise and know-how in the fundamentals of board governance and Jewish community life. Members fully participate in all JCC board meetings, without voting rights.  Advisory Committee members are natural candidates should the number of board members be expanded in the future.  

Joel Beckman is Co-Chair of the Friends of JCC Budapest and has been actively involved in a number of philanthropic causes, including UJA-Federation of New York, the University of Rochester, the Stepping Stone Day School for handicapped children, Metropolitan Jewish Council on Poverty and the Chordoma Foundation. Joel had a successful professional career in investment banking and private equity investing.
Mircea Cernov is the Director of JDC Hungary. He has worked for international organizations and social entrepreneurial start-ups across Europe. Mircea has played a central role in large scale projects including Szarvas Camp, Mozaik Hub and JCC Budapest. ​
Rabbi Michael Paley is a senior scholar for the JDC and the founding Director of the Tarbut Fellowship. Michael and his wife Annie are currently living in Budapest, Hungary. Michael previously served as the scholar in residence of the UJA-Federation of New York.​