The Address for Jewish Life in Central Europe

For Budapest’s Jews, many of whom grew up with the legacy of communism and the Holocaust, Judaism is complicated. JCC Budapest — Bálint Ház aims to make Jewish life more accessible to Budapest’s Jewish community, offering a place for them to feel welcome and at home. The JCC Budapest is where Hungarian Jews can redefine Judaism on their own terms.

At JCC Budapest, we believe Jews are an integral part of Hungarian and European society and are here to stay. The JCC’s success matters to everyone who cares about the survival of European Jewish life. Through religious education, spiritual renewal, and community activities, we are actively creating a strong Jewish future in the heart of Europe.

Thanks to the dedication of the Friends of JCC Budapest, the JCC thrives, grows, and plays an essential role for the diverse and dynamic local Jewish community. As Jews, we believe our diversity makes us stronger. JCC Budapest celebrates this beautiful truth: Out of many, we are one.

The JCC Budapest’s Vision is to create an empowered, strengthened, and self-sufficient Hungarian Jewish community that is an integral part of a diverse Hungarian society and plays a dynamic role in contributing to the global Jewish world. 

The JCC Budapest’s Mission is to provide accessible, diverse, and quality opportunities for individuals and groups to connect with each other, discover their Jewish path, and actively engage with their community. 

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